the last few days in mclaod-ganj

Visiting India again…

It’s so interesting to experience it all once again: the cows on the streets, the funny interaction with the rickshaw drivers, the intense markets that never stops moving, the way you can see progress in the same street lying next to tradition, and the beautiful landscape that shares the same space with the dirt and garbage on the streets. I have the opportunity to see all of these things while working as a volunteer for the community library. While working there I get to meet new people from Tibet, some of them just arrived and were able to escape from there, some arrived few years earlier and some were born here and never got to see Tibet, their home land. What we were asked to do is to try and extend the amount of people who come to the library in order to have more Tibetans that will read books, in English or Tibetan. It’s a pretty challenging task, because we can try to do it in so many different ways, but we have such a short time and we want to try and do it all…. in the mean time we are trying to see if we can even just give good ideas for the people who work in the library, so maybe in the future they will be able to put them into action. We are staying in a guesthouse in the TCV village, and it’s really quite and nice there so we have time to know the members of our own group, and it’s great. Either way, I’m glad I got this opportunity to come back to India, to work with the Tibetans and local community, to give something from myself to others, and I’m very excited to see what will happen next.
efrat, from israel.

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