Life in Dharmsala…

It’s absolutely beautiful here.

Anyways, we have been in Dharmsala for over a week and we are pretty much settled in. We know our way around, and have already started to have favourite restaurants (and ones we hate). We have been able to explore neighbouring towns like Bhagsu and Dharmkot, which all have different things to offer. We are staying at TCV (Tibetan Children’s Village) which is a school for Tibetan, Indian, and foreign summer students. The kids are very cute. The accomadations are also nice. The best part is that they make fresh bread every morning that is delicious (sort of like a sweet corn bread) and it only costs 10 Rupees.

We visited the Tibet museum at the Dalai Lamas temple yesterday and it was really interesting. We all want to learn as much as we can about the Tibetan situation so we can share our knowledge with everyone back home. We have a private audience with the #2 Lama tomorrow which will be amazing..

Did I mention its beautiful here?

Thats all I feel like writing for now,


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