We have arrived in Dharamsala!

Less than a week ago, our group flew from Israel to India. We arrived in Delhi and spent two days getting to know the city and touring around. In Delhi, we saw an old Islamic area that has the tallest minaret in all of India and were able to go to many different markets. It was not easy to see the amount of poverty in the city, and we had many conversations about Indian society. As part of this, we spoke a lot about the cultural values and what makes people happy – in many places around the world, it is different than what makes us happy in North America or in Israel. 

After our two days in Delhi we began our 12 hour trek to Dharamsala. Despite being long, the drive was not too bad. As we got closer and saw the Himalayas all around us, we all began to get very excited. The fresh mountain air was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of Delhi.

Yesterday was our first full day in Dharamsala. We visited all of the organizations where we are volunteering and began to get a sense of the town itself. Today, each person went to start their volunteer projects.

As we continue with our volunteering, each member of the group will update the blog so stayed tuned.



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