Getting ready to go

Welcome to our blog for the Hillel/Olamot Israel and India trip 2010! A week from now, the 5 Canadian students will be on their way to Israel to meet up with the 5 Israelis. After a week of orientation in Israel, together we will begin our journey to India. Our first three days in India, we will be in Delhi and then we will finally make it to our final destination of Dharamsala. Our time in Dharamsala will be spent volunteering with the Tibetan refugee community. We will be volunteering at a variety of organizations, teaching English, working on advocacy, working with children, and any other tasks that may come up.

My name is Laura and I am the Hillel of Greater Toronto staff member who is on the trip. Over the course of our journey, we will update our experiences here. We would love to hear from you – questions, comments and general thoughts are more than welcome. We’ll take turns updating our blog so that you can get different perspectives on our experience.
Even though you cannot physically come with us, we hope that through our blog you can get a taste of our experience.
Till next time,

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