Signing off of a great trip to Bat Yam

Our last week in Bat Yam was very exciting, both at the Kadima Centre and at our apartment.

All of last week the older children left the Kadima Center to take a leadership training course. While the children were away with some of the staff, the Canadian volunteers had the opportunity to run a couple of fun programs, including a game of soccer and some arts and crafts.
On Thursday, when the children returned, we were privy to a unique ceremony which awarded them for completing the course. The ceremony was an incredibly interesting experience, and both the younger and older children were really taken by it.
We decided to spend the last Shabbat that we were in Bat Yam for as a group. We had a big shabbat dinner, and spent the entire night together hanging out in the apartment, and walking on the beach after. All in all it was a nice night and a great way to have a last shabbat in Bat Yam.
Tonight we will all be going into Tel Aviv to see the movie Zerubavel which is an acclaimed film by an Ethiopian director. A nice way to begin the end of our six and a half week journey through Kadima and the Ethiopian culture that exists in Bat Yam.
Thank you to everyone who has read the blog, and we will see you all soon.
Signing Off,
The Bat Yam Group 2009

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