Field trip, Fun, and Visitors

The last week has been a very busy one in Bat Yam!

We went on two very exciting field trips: first to the pool, and second to the North.
On Monday, the pool was great. We got a chance to play with the kids in the water, and a good time was had by all.
After we finished at the pool we had the unique opportunity of checking out a kosher Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv. It was an exciting experience as we sampled different meat and vegtable dishes with injera – an interesting spongy breadlike food.
As if that wasn’t fun enough, the next day we got an opportunity to head up to the North with the kids. We went for a small hike, and swam a bit more. Following this we went to an outdoor barbeque on a kibbutz at the home of one of the israeli volunteers! All in all, a jam packed day.
Excepting the field trips the students have been working with the kids on their end of the year play. Two of the girls have been teaching the kids extended dance numbers. The kids seem to be enjoying this, and are working hard and diligently on their dances.
On Friday, we split up for a couple of days. Some of the students stayed at the house, and a couple of student volunteers from the Israel-India trip joined them. The rest of the students (and Matt) went to visit Haifa and Tiberias.
Everyone had amazing weekends. The students who went to Haifa and Tiberias toured the Bahai gardens and went to the body world exhibit at the Madatak (science museum). The students who stayed in Bat Yam enjoyed a shabbat with new students.
Keep checking in to see the latest on whats going on with the Bat Yam group 🙂
Thats it for now!
The Bat Yam 2009 Group

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