The Second Group is Here (Most of Us :))

I’ve been here now since Tuesday afternoon, and gradually our trip is becoming full! As I sit typing this, everyone is here except Adam, who will be joining us next week. So far the trip has been very fun and exciting. We have explored bat yam, and started our volunteering at the Kadima Centre. We have met many of the cool kids that the last group described, and the great staff who are here in Israel. We have also explored the beach, and made our way into tel aviv.

On Friday night we had our first group shabbat dinner. It was fun and interesting, as we all got an opportunity to say the kiddush, and enjoy each others company over some shnitzel and kiddish wine. It was a nice break from the ordinary.
Then today, we really got an opportunity to meet with the kids, and play games with them. The kids at kadima are really great, and we had some brief experience with running activities. Some of the kids painted their fingernails, while others drew and beaded. All in all it was a fun day.
Tommorow a couple of the girls will be going in the morning to a school with some younger kids, for a different experience. Afterwhich we will be off to Kadima again.
Keep checking with us as we post all of our experiences on the blog!

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