A big heart for a little kitten

One day, we were frolicking to Kadima, and began to enter our ‘special’ entrance – a hole in the fence, when one of the young boys, Maor, began to gesture and point out into the distance.  We quickly used our fancy communication skills of hand gestures and body movements and understood there was something he wanted to show us.  We ran with him to see a small kitten laying under a shaded bench. We did not need to ‘sign’ to understand that Maor was deeply affected by this abandoned little kitten and did not want to leave him, as Maor knew he needed help.  We decided to find some food suitable for his little body and some form of a water dish.  I brought over a shnitzel, and Maor followed behind holding and eating his tuna lunch.  Breaking up the kittens dinner and laying it out in front of him, Maor and I saw that he had no interest in the fancy meal, so without hesitation, Maor pulled apart his own lunch and fed it to the cat.  After waiting for some time, watching the recovering kitten inhale his much needed meal, Maor expressed a sense of relief.  I told him he did a nice thing and the kitten would be ok, so we headed back inside.  We all found it so touching and amazing that this little boy felt such a concern for a helpless animal, and would sacrifice some of his own meal for one of many hungry, abandoned kittens.  We can all learn something from him.
By Lexy Feinstein

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