20 Pictures, 40 Words

We start each day at Kadima by tutoring the kids one-on-one and helping them with their English homework. Over the past few weeks we have established regular tutoring partners. This enables us to see the progress that the child has made with their English and also allows us to build friendships with them. One of my regular tutoring partners is a 13 year old girl named Linoy. Today during our session we were going through a worksheet that contained 20 pictures of random objects. The worksheet required her to write the name of each object in English in order to improve her vocabulary. We went through each picture slowly and I taught her how to say the name of each objectin English. After I told her how to say it, she taught me how to say it in Hebrew. She would write the Hebrew translation beside the English and told me to repeat each word after her. Soon enough we had completed the worksheet with the name of each object written in both English and Hebrew. Linoy then put her fingers over the text and asked me “Ma Zeh?” (meaning “What is it?”) while pointing at the picture of an icecream cone. She was testing me on the 20 Hebrew words that she had just taught me! We began to go back and forth, testing each other in English and in Hebrew on the 20 pictures from the worksheet. We made a little game out of it and played until we both remembered how to say the name of each object in both English and Hebrew. It was tons of fun and she told me that she wanted to teach me more words tomorrow during our tutoring session! So we agreed that tomorrow we would go over the 20 new words and teach each other 10 more!

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