Operation Cast Lead

I am sure you all are aware by now of the situation going on in Gaza and the Western Negev. Saturday marked the start of “Operation Cast Lead,” the name o the operation where the IDF is taking initiative and protecting the citizens of Sderot, Ashkelon and other Western Negev communities and kibbutzim.

December 19 marked the end of the 6-month ceasefire between Israel and Gaza.  Two days later, 84 rockets and mortars were shot from Gaza to the above areas.  No other country in the world would stand-by as its citizens are targeted on such a scale.  Israel must protect its people.

To better understand the situation, we leave you with this article, “What would you do?” written by Lorne Gunter for the National Post.

Israeli news sites are always being updated. Feel free to read any of the following;




The UJA has a constant update with worldwide headlines of the situation here.


Photo Source: Ynetnews.com

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