Israeli Singer, Aviv Geffen, Sings for Shalit

Israeli singer and songwriter, Aviv Geffen, performed his song Everybody’s Child, earlier this week at a rally to bring back kidnapped IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit.                 

Gilad ShalitAviv Geffen

After singing the song, he explained it with the following:

“Hello everyone.
More than two years have passed since Gilad was kidnapped, and who knows how many doors he is sitting behind, frightened.

He is not far away from us and the job of those who sent him is also to bring him back to his home.  It is our obligation to do everytihng to influence the political echelon to make a courageous decision.

I ask everyone who receives this letter to work towards Gilad’s release.  I wrote this song for Hilad’s family and friends and I am donating all the song’s proceeds to the campaign for his return.

It is our obligation to display humanism in this difficult hour and bring him home.”

-Quote Source: YnetNews

You can hear the song by clicking on the YnetNews link above.

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