Tell Us What You Want…

Hillel of Greater Toronto believes you have important things to say about Jewish Life on Campus.  The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life is conducting a North American wide survey, with campus specific questions for you, the student.  Hillel of Greater Toronto and its local campus HIllel offices are participating in an effort to gather as much information as possibly about student perspectives on Jewish life in Toronto.  We would very much appreciate your taking the time to fill out the information at the link below:

The survey is entirely anonymous and no personal information will ever be shared with any organization outside of Hillel of Greater Toronto (and even we only have that information we already know, such as your email).  The survey takes about 20 minutes and can be saved at any time to complete later.  it is valuable to receive feedback from across the spectrum of involvement and leadership in Jewish life.  So even if you are not particularly involved, please know thta your voice is extremely important to us.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete the survey.  We wish you a wonderful summer.

All the best,
Zac Kaye, Executive DIrector, and the Hillel of Greater Toronto team

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