Need help getting to Israel this summer? We can help!

Canadian Friends of Jewish Students (CFJS) understands the importance of visiting Israel as well as the financial burden this can sometimes place.  As such, it is offering a grant towards the costs related to a trip to Israel during the summer 2008. 

The maximum grant will be $1000 and is dependent on several factors, including, but not limited to, the number of applicants adn the cost of the intended Israel program.

Upon acceptance of the grant and completion of the Israel program, the recipients will return to their campus and undertake an Israel related initiative.  This initiative may be carried out in cooperation with local Hillel/JSA, IAC, Israel Alumni Associations or any variety of campus clubs.  The initiative should be creative and may take on the form of an awareness campaign, a fundraiser or a one-time program.  Regardless of the chosen initiative, it must engage other students and further their knowledge about Israel.  In addition, CFJS will help you fund the initiative.  This should be an exciting project following an exciting Israel experience.

The grant is available to any Canadian student interested in visiting Israel in the summer of 2008 (exceptions will be considered).

Applicants may participate on an organized trip, work at a summer internship, a volunteer expeirence or an educational experience. 

All applicants must be returning to a Canadian post-secondary institution in the fall semester of 2008.

Please go to to download an application.

All applications must be submitted to Alexis Pavlich by May 15th. 

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