Commemorating Israel @60.

The National Post

The National Post has numerous articles commemorating Israel’s 60th year of independence.

Articles consist of 10 Canadians who have made a difference in Israel, Canada strengthening its links with Israel and Snapshots from today’s Israel, just to name a few.

Take a look at all of the Israel @60 articles at the Post’s Israel at 60 page.

San Diego

UJC in San Diego put together this video for Israel’s 60th anniversary.


There is no doubt that we are having big celebrations in Toronto for Israel’s 60th year of independence, but they do not compare to those taking place in Israel.

Outside of Jerusalem, in a field in the Latrun area, is a huge flag recently laid out for upcoming celebrations.

“The flag was layed out by 40 volunteers and members of the Parks and Nature Department.  It is 100 metres by 200 metres and weights 5.2 tonnes.  Check out the white bus in teh corner to get an idea as to the size of the flag…” – Israel’s new blog magazine.

An ABC News Report covered this story;


Here is a video filmed around the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv asking Israeli’s if they knew that Jewish people in North America celebrate Israel’s independce.

Take a look.

It is a similar concept to Rick Mercer’s Talking to Americans.

What do you think of this video?

Celebrate Israel @60 with Hillel.

See “Come Celebrate Israel @60!!!!” post for more information;

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