Yom Hashoah – Let us never forget

Today marks Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day to remember the Holocaust and extermination of millions of people thoughout Nazi Europe. In Israel, this is amongst the most scared days of the year.  Ceremonies take place across the country and the rest of the world to remember the fallen and remind us of the horrific tragedy that happened not too long ago. 

From YNet news.

This photo is taken under the famous Aushwitz sign, translated in English as “work will set you free.”

A ceremony last night at Earl Bales Park in Toronto marked the start of this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.  A heartwarming presence accompanied the ceremony because of its honouring survivors’ accomplishments.  Speakers included David J. Azrieli, Moshe Ben Zvi and Amir Gissin

In Israel, the Knesset (parliament) annually holds a ceremony commemorating this day.  This year;

“President Peres – who recited the names of his grandparents – took a moment to speak of his memory of them: “When we said goodbye in the train station, before I left to come to Israel, they gave me just two words – ‘be Jewish.'”

 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert read the names of his wife’s family, who were lost to the Holocaust. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni honored the women who were killed while fighting the Nazis and Defense Minister Ehud Barak recited names of members of his mother’s family.” – Ynetnews 

Plans were announced in Israel to erect its first monument honouring the tens of thousands homosexual Holocaust victims in a Tel Aviv park.

It is up to us to remember the Holocaust and never let such a tragedy happen to mankind again.

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